Visual Designer,
Brand Junkie, &
Digital Native






Hey! My name’s Michael, but my friends call me Keane (it’s way more original than the most popular baby name from 64-98, a very impressive 35 year run). I graduated from the University of Rochester in 2019, and I've been working at a startup in SF called Landing ever since. I specialize in branding and visual design, particularly across digital mediums.

I grew up on the internet and have paid close attention to how it’s grown and changed for the past decade. I picked up graphic design on online forums around middle school, and I’ve sat nicely in the intersection of design and digital ever since (except for a brief stint in pre-med, which we don't talk about).

That’s basically it.

I listen to hip-hop (favorite artists are A Tribe Called Quest, GoldLink, and Kendrick), I make too much guacamole, and my favorite movie is Baby driver. My friends tell me I have a terrible sense of direction, but the EMPIRICAL record is in disagreement. Most importantly, i browse with safari. Never chrome. Don't @ me.

Unless you want to work with me.

Then you can @ me all you want.
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This is version 3 of my portfolio. god save me.