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Those last couple of projects were pretty long. Here's a quick one.

In my Junior and Senior years I worked at a help desk in the school's relatively new media lab. I helped out with IT problems, loaned out equipment, set people up with VR, and 3D printed models. I also made a series of three posters for the lab as a parting gift in an effort to better communicate the services we offered.


Most of my University's branding is super toned down and boring, so I picked out a six color pallete that was bright and exciting. 3D, VR, and equipment rentals are Rettner's biggest services, so I illustrated people using them. It's important to me to be inclusive so I depicted the individuals as female, male, and androgynous. I set the type at the bottom in Gotham because it felt a little techy. But not too techy. Never go too techy.

That's about it. Really I just wanted to flex my illustration skills on a small project.